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Content Warning: This visual novel contains strong language and explicit sexual content.

Protea is a short erotic linear science fiction visual novel about illusions and infatuation. Developed by IcyValet in under one month for the NaNoRenO 2020 game jam.


In the distant future, people inject artificial sensory data—neuroprojections—into their brains through neural implants to augment collective perception of reality. Common applications include cosmetics and vision correction.

Neuroprojections are also used in adult entertainment: the ability to alter one's appearance through visual overlays opens up many possibilities. What would you like to see?


  • Main Story of ~4100 words.
  • Codex (additional reading) of ~4200 words. ~1700 in the regular edition and an additional ~2500 in the Laurel Edition.
  • Erotic CGs : 3 base CGs and 21 minor variations.
  • Erotic Content : male-on-female doggy style sex, female-on-male oral cleanup, male-on-female missionary position sex.
  • Partial Erotic Voice Acting using voice material.
  • Original Soundtrack : 3 pieces of original music.

Version Differences

Protea comes in two editions: the free regular edition, and the purchasable Laurel Edition.

The free version contains the full story and all available h-scenes, so you do not miss out on anything important by not purchasing the Laurel Edition. Only purchase the Laurel Edition if you want the extras or feel like supporting the development of future similar visual novels!

Protea ~Laurel Edition~
Main Story
(~4100 Words)
Main Codex Entries
(~1700 words)
Extended Codex Entries
(~2500 words)
Developer commentary on various topics relevant to the story and development of the visual novel. A preview of the entries can be viewed here.

Full CG Set
(30 CGs)
Includes bonus CG variations unused in the main story.

Full Sprite Set
(8 Sprites)

Protea Original Soundtrack
(3 Tracks + 1 Bonus Track)

Unarchived Ren'Py Scripts
Fellow visual novel devs can check my raw code to see how I coded certain things!
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsErotic, Romance, Sci-fi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Development log


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Bug report:

I got to a part (around the end of 'round two' during the game's opening) with a black box.
It was replaced with a line of text after I clicked twice.
I clicked again and the text was replaced by a different black box, but that only lasted a second; because itch pretty much immediatly crashed when the second black box appeared. Not just the game, the itch desktop application.

Hi! Thank you for the bug report. I just tried it myself from the itch app but couldn't replicate your bug / crash. >< Maybe the files got corrupted when they were downloaded. Try reinstalling the itch app and the game, or running the game's exe directly outside of the itch app.

I shall try those next time my roomie's PC is available.


An excellent period piece.

(1 edit) (+2)

It was an interesting experience. I'd love to learn more about this dystopian world


Thank you! 😊 If I come up with interesting ideas I'll write more stories that take place in this world.




When will the product be finished

With luck, within the month of March. ^^ Progress updates will be posted to my Twitter account so keep an eye on it if you're interested in the project's development!