Neopraxia Devlog #1 - Continuing Development

Testing this devlog thing out. Current plan is to publish a progress report every two weeks. Hopefully I'll have enough stuff to show.

I've identified several problems with my original outline so I'm currently rewriting it. Due to time constraints I didn't have the luxury during NaNoRenO, but I do now!

One problem is too many characters! I came up with some of them to open up the possibility of alternate routes that can be made after NaNoRenO (depending on who the main character pairs up with, a variation of the thesis can be explored). I have since scrapped this idea, as solving the main character's problem multiple times in multiple routes dilutes the impact of the first.

Rhody and Orca are cut. Aoi is now Brittany's childhood friend. I can't cut any more from the group date as 3x3 (three males and three females) is the lowest as you can go, according to online research. Still a lot of characters, but everyone that's left is required for one reason or another.

I didn't draw full body character sprites for the demo because I wanted a different kind of visual novel presentation, but then I realized I needed full body sprites anyway for the codex and website. So I started them.

I had a hard time deciding on Brittany's hair style (the one in the demo was done in a rush). Loch's sprite is not done yet so he's not in the picture. Feet are drawn but they are at varying angles against the ground (not a problem when displayed one-by-one, but a problem when characters are displayed together) so they're cropped out.

Stay tuned for future updates :D

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