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Dynaeleos is a ~7,800 word linear science fiction visual novel about disparity in a foregone world. Developed by @IcyValet for the NaNoRenO 2019 game jam.


Irene is a hunter specialized in the pursuit and capture of dangerous monsters. One day, her operator assigns her a target that escaped the metro research facility.

Version Differences

The full experience of Dynaeleos is free! But if you feel like supporting the developer, paying $1 or more gives you access to the Declassified Edition, which contains the full game with its files unarchived, meaning you get access to the game's raw assets, script, and code. You're free to inspect the code and use them for your own projects.

The Declassified Edition also comes with a folder of bonus material: the soundtrack (also accessible from the unarchived game) plus one unused original song, a CG collection (also accessible from the unarchived game), and four bonus images, including the main character's rough design sketches.

GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py, Clip Studio Paint
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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[Spoiler Warning]
That was good. I really like your style. I played your other 2 games for comparison and to see if there's connections too. 

The setting is  interesting, but I do wish I could have been immersed more. I get that the visual style doesn't show a lot, but I wanted to see more of Irene.  (I understand the limitation of the jam too)
That also plays a hand with my only real qualm with the vn, I wasn't really invested in Irene because her character wasn't  explored enough imo. Especially compared to your previous two that were more focused on characters. I wasn't really thinking of how she would react to the situations she's put in, I was just clicking through to find out what happens next. When she lost her cool at the end, it felt pretty out of place for me. like "Oh this is happening now?".  If I knew what's her personality like and I wouldn't have expected her to act like that (not in the bad way that I did), I think it would have had more impact.

The over-arching story was still interesting enough to pull me through, and it definitely makes me want to see more though. Idk how rushed this is, but I think, regardless, it's still a good vn.

Thank you for your thoughts!

I see now that I failed to convey Irene's past trauma very well. In an earlier draft I made it more obvious but it felt too tryhard so I toned it down. But now it's too subtle and hints too few 😅. It's actually one of the main points of the story so—kind of important LOL. Thank you, I will use this to improve my writing in future projects!


Now I kinda feel like i missed something in the story lol. Maybe I wasn't paying full attention on certain moments.
Either way, I just gotta say again that I like your style. It's different from the others. 

is the gameplay all text/image-based then?


Yes, it's a linear visual novel (like Higurashi or Umineko), there are no choices or alternate routes: just click to advance the text and enjoy the story ^^

Cool game :)

Thank you! ^^